List of Luxury Resorts for Family Travelers of New Delhi

Now what sort of individuals live in Delhi. Lets count :-

  • Business men
  • Service men
  • Politician
  • Travel bloggers like me
  • Some idiots
  • and so on…

Well I am insulting some one but there is one thing common among all those. They have famalies, well most of them.

So if you comes in the above list and are planning a holiday near New Delhi then I have a list of Luxury Resorts for Family Travelers just for you…

Lohagarh Fort Resort, Jaipur

Lohagarh Fort Resort near delhi

Lohagarh Fort Resort near delhi

Rated as the best resort near delhi Lohagarh garh is a two times award winning, eco-friendly resort is an ideal place for spending quality time with your loved ones. Its luxurious and unique accommodation options like with pool cottages, tree houses and luxury tents with Jacuzzi, are convenient for both couples as well as families.

Surrounded with the beautiful Aravali hills of Kukas, this resort of 13 acres of lush greenery is just 4.5 kms from the main Jaipur-Delhi highway. Jaipur is undoubtedly one of the best cities for tourism in the country.

Lohargarh Fort Resort brings to you an opportunity to enjoy village safari that will let you experience the village life of Rajasthan. The resort is just a few kms away from the famous “Hathi Goan” (Elephant Village) that makes it possible for you to enjoy an elephant safari.

Along with these you may indulge into fun activities like playing miniature golf, pool volleyball, billiards, cricket or football. The resort also organizes Rajasthani musical programs and fire games on every weekend.

Ananta Spa & Resorts, Pushkar

Ananta Spa & Resorts, Pushkar

Ananta Spa & Resorts, Pushkar

You will get to witness a blissful combination of serenity and luxury in the modern style decorated rooms amidst nature. Verdant landscaped gardens, spacious rooms and waterfalls together offer a calm ambiance to relax and rejuvenate.

Set up on the shores of Pushkar Lake, Pushkar marks to be one of the oldest existing cities of India. The city hosts three most sacred temples namely, Aptaeshwar, Varaha and Brahma temples that are said to exist right since the 10th century AD.

Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

Suryagarh, Jaisalmer serves as a gateway to the great Thar Desert and invites you to explore the unexplored. This magnificent hotel believes in preserving the traditions of the past and yet giving all the modern amenities.

Grand heritage and luxury rooms with all facilities – pool, spa, card and billiards, conferencing, business center and residential activities, together contribute in making it a perfect location for family travelers.

You get an opportunity to either explore the historic city of Jaisalmer or to dive through the undulating dunes of the Thar Desert. A picnic at the desert oasis, an evening at Sundowners, the sunset point, dining on the dunes or the beautiful terrace is something you must not miss.

Samsara, Dechu

Samsara, Dechu

Samsara, Dechu

Samsara is another glamorous oasis set amidst the never-ending dunes of the Thar Desert. The desert camp, campsite for magical evenings, dining under the starlit sky or in the specially crafted blue pottery dining tent, bonfire, entertainment performances by folk dancers leave all guests mesmerized for days.

Samsara brings a lifetime experiences with its Kicchan bird watching tour, temple tour of Osian, camal or jeep safari, farm picnic lunch, bush dinners and much more.

Khem Villas, Ranthambore

Located on the outskirts of Ranthambore, Khem Villas is a beautifully planted natural habitat with indigenous trees and small created water bodies. This luxurious jungle camp is designed to offer peace and serenity. It is not uncommon to see jackals, jungle cats, hyenas and desert fox within these grasslands. Also it is a bird watcher’s paradise.

Jungle trips, nature walks, seeing herds of black bucks, uniquely crafted black and white miniature brush paintings of tigers, Ranthambore Fort trip with panoramic jungle views from the top, camp fire by the lake are some activities to name.

Enjoy a happy family stay!

What are some of the best activities one should do when traveling to New Delhi

New Delhi is not only the capital of India but is a tourist haven for travelers and explorers of the world. Colloquially known as Dilli, the city is also the main arrival destination in India. If you are planning to explore New Delhi next in your travel itinerary, here is a list of things that you must do when you are in the grand city of Delhi.

Try the yummy street food

Yummy Delhi Street Food

The street food in Delhi is simply mouth watering. The cuisines are rich in terms of taste and diversity. So when you are in Delhi for a trip, you should definitely try some of the street foods like the paranthas that are available in Paranthe Wali Gali in Chandni Chowk, the various chaats that are also available in Chandni Chowk.

How about attending the marriage of a Delhite?

Delhi Marriage

If you happen to be friends with a Delhite, you should ideally look for a wedding invitation in Delhi. A wedding party in Delhi is truly a spectacle worth beholding. There is dancing and singing, lots of designer lights and decorations all around. The baraat is the procession with which the bridegroom comes to the wedding venue to get married. You will get to see lots of beautiful looking girls wearing designer dresses dancing to the baraat.

Stay in a luxury hotel

Delhi Luxury Hotel

Delhi can be sweltering hot during the summers and super cool during the winters. Regardless of the time of your visit, it is a wise idea to stay put at a luxurious hotel where you can avail and enjoy all the basic facilities of daily life. Some such accommodations in which you can stay are Hyatt Regency, The Leela Kempinski, and The Taj Mahal Hotel etc.

Check out the Delhi Airport

Delhi Airport

The Indira Gandhi International Airport of Delhi is worth visiting a place. It has been adjudged as the best airport in the world in terms of overall traffic control. It’s for a reason that it is called the best in the world.

The airport is located in the Palam area a little outskirt from New Delhi. Take a short trip to the airport to just enjoy the beautiful airport. Plus if anu needs accommodation nearby the have a look at Pitrashish Pride Hotel close to Delhi International Airport Terminal 3.

Visit some amazing tourist destinations

India Gate Delhi

There is lots of interesting tourist destinations worth visiting in Delhi. You can take a day long trip to those interesting tourist attractions.

There is the

  1. Qutub Minar
  2. Humayun’s Tomb
  3. Red Fort
  4. Jama Masjid
  5. Bahai Temple
  6. Akshardham Temple
  7. India Gate
  8. Kali Temple at Chittaranjan Park
  9. Purana Quila
  10. Jantar Mantar, and

also important government buildings like the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the Parliament, etc.

All these sites are worth visiting when you are in Delhi. Just hire a car rental and roam around the city for a guided tour.

Visit Delhi Habitat Center

Delhi Habitat Center

India Habitat center is center which serves as a catalyst for providing synergetic relation between people and institutions working on different habitat so that the overall effectiveness of the process is reached. This center can also be termed as a city within the realms of a city.

The India Habitat Center is a shopping complex that offers cheaper rates for all the shopping materials along with beautiful outdoor spaces that are worth spending time at even during the summer time.

Shopping at Delhi Haat INA Market

Delhi Haat INA Market

The Dilli Haat is an open air shopping and food plaza. It is a permanent shopping plaza and offers various traditional and cultural offerings from different parts of the country.

It was established way back in 1994 as a joint venture between Delhi Tourism and the Ministry of Tourism. The plaza has a look of a village market and offers variety of products like gems, drapery, fabric, beads, brassware, silk, metal crafts, wool etc. If you are in Delhi, you should not miss shopping at Dilli Haat at any cost.

Most importantly, make some friends

Make some friends

Delhi is a warm and friendly place. If you really intend to explore the city like a pro and enjoy the travel attractions at your leisure, it is very important to make some friends in the city.

All the people of the city are very warm in their personalities and they are forever ready to help you in your entire endeavor.

So if you need any help regarding your travel itinerary in Delhi, feel free to ask people around. You never know, you might make some great friends in the process and the friendship is going to last you a life time.

Why a traveller must invest in commercial property in india

I just attented a small seminar in New Delhi which had invited many traveller bloggers and the someone asked a question that is travelling Solo is the right business? Recently there was a news in travel blogging insustry that some blogger sold there every asset just for their passion and there was also a case where a close buddy of mine lost his property in Lucknow to a mafia as he wasn’t taiking proper care of his how town land. So these suitations can be a real brain killer if you are a passionalte person and plus I thougt that I should write a post to tell my mates that along with your passion do a property investment.

So ladies and gentlemen have a look at my post on how to invest in commercial property in india

1. Invest in property without buying a house

No need to buy a house

There is no need to buy a residential property if you are not interested to stay in it. I know that a property agent will not agree with my point but the thing is that I am not a estate broker. Many of my blogger friends have bought residential apartments which they later rented and then after a few months or years they are in a legal battle with the tenants. Though this is not the case which will happen but why take risk. So think about investing your money in commercial land, property, shops etc as they are much safer and offer better higher ROI.

2. Know how to buy property without agent

No need for an agent

I know thats its a tough task that to not hire a agent for a land deal but believe me this is a good point. Now when we search f0r property our selves we tend to understand the complete suitation by ourselves. But thats not the case when we hire an agent. Now not all agents are Assholes but the majority of them are. Just think like this – which was the last movie you saw that had a real estate agent as the leading actor or actress? Well I can’t and if you can then comment the name of the movie.

3. Think where to invest in property globally

Invest globally

Yep!!! Not only India or your local country. Try to invest abroad or globally. See in India property rates are really high and as per a small survey done by a local real estate company, commercial and residential property in Jaipur which is also known as Pink city in travel world has seen a 300% incline as the local and central government have introduced Metro rail. Plus as the new central government are planning to set new smart cities in India there is no chance that property rates will be the same as they were few years back.

So travel local but invest global.

4. Invest when you are young

Invest in your youth

Though you can call me old school but this advice or tip is excellent. I personally believe that if I had invested in property whether in Delhi or Jaipur a few year back than I could have easily collected some more money. ButI didn;t and thus I would suggest all my young blogging mates to think again that whether you need that new SUV to travell to Jaisalmer or you want to buy a property there…

5. How to invest in property with a partner

Not invest with a partner

Don’t even Dare !!! One thing which I learnt from this year is that Partnership is a bitch. Now that can be with your wife or a friend etc but if you have the patience to hear, tolerate and think of the long term returns only then dare to go in a partnership to buy a property. Else as you are a solo traveller and thus be a solo investor. Yeah but do make someone from your family or me (just kidding) as the next person who is legally responsible or owner. Who know man !!! Life is short.

Now whether you love my tips of hate them but they are from a person who has travel and hospitality in his mind and though the above language isn’t as per a dealer but they are from my heart. So if you want to comment on any point then you are most welcome. You can even mail me any suggestion.

Jaisalmer a place of grand palaces, museums, fort and amazing desert festival

Have you ever visited the golden city of India? Well, it is the place where you can find gold in the wall of palaces, forts; it remains at the road or side path of Jaisalmer. The pure golden touch makes this city amazing. Its incredible glow spread around the whole city. You will find a stunning, charming and scintillating city that captivates your senses with its magnificent glow. The city is popular for its beauty as well as for the great desert of India. But there are many more things that can make you crazy. The grand, splendid palaces, spacious forts look great with its surrounding view. Jaisalmer is also popular for its culture. People from different parts of the world come to witness their cultural programmes.

Do you have interest in history? Don’t you find it quite amazing to know the historical things that happened in your country? If you come to Jaisalmer then you can visit the historical places, the big palaces where the king lived with his wives. The beautiful sight of these places will completely amaze you. There are certain places in this city that you should not miss to visit. The list is quite long.

Jaisalmer fort palace museum:

Jaisalmer fort palace museum

Jaisalmer fort palace museum

Jaisalmer is popular for its fort palace museum. The fort provides several glamorous attractions that you never ever find in any other cities. The big monuments, beautiful temples and amazing gardens are ready to capture your eyes. This fort palace museum is the main monument of this fort that looks incredible. It has huge popularity around the world. Many foreigners come to visit this fort. Actually it is the main Rajmahal where the kings lived with his men and women. Later this palace was converted to a museum and it has become a popular heritage site of India. Once you enter this centre you can feel the culture of royal age. Everything will remind you of the rich cultural side of Rajput period.

The present building has constructed properly and its structure reflects the culture 19th century. This building is connected to the main mahal by long corridors. If you don’t have any height phobia then you can reach to the highest point of this palace as it is one of the highest places of this city. The surrounding view of this place looks unparalleled. Its magical view will stunned you completely. You can view several forts, other palaces, beautiful lakes and of course the great desert from the top of this building.

Beside all of this the best option to explore Jaisalmer is to book one of the finest camps in Jaisalmer and enjoy city with their local knowledge.

Desert festival:

Jaisalmer Desert festival

Jaisalmer Desert festival

Apart from these beautiful sights you should also know about the cultural programmes or festivals of Jaisalmer. Its desert festival is world famous. This colourful festival takes place in every February. A number of events you will find out in this festival such as different cultural events, competition on turban tying, camel races. It provides an exotic view on the streets of this golden city. The entire programmes organized amidst the Thar Desert. You can also enjoy beautiful folk songs by some popular artists in this festival.

So basically, you should not forget to visit Jaisalmer and come close to its rich culture. It will help you to know your country more.

Are you a luxury & intellectual traveller of Delhi

Yeah I made the title of the my post which attracts readers. Now I am in Delhi and there is no doubt that this is a destination where the elite class of Delhi live and this elite class needs entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. Now you would be thinking that why I am writing about Delhi elite class on a travel & food blog? Than hold your horses. I am just telling you one simple tip. Check out this place called South Delhi. So my friends, if you are planning to visit Delhi than add the below destinations of South Delhi and why you should visit them.

1. Greater Kailash

Greater Kailash

Greater Kailash

Greater Kailash which is also known as GK is the most cleanest and expensive destination of Sothern Delhi. Many corporate travellers love to stay in this part of the city as many major markets like Nehru Place are close by. There are many budget Hotels in this part and I will suggest that you should stay in Hotel GTC. It’s one of the best hotels in south Delhi India. Greater Kailash also has some amazing malls, Movie Theater and popular food joints like Dominoes, Subway etc. Along with these international food chains, one should try local food lounge like Moti Mahal Deluxe, Bukhara Delhi, GTC Lounge etc. Check this link for more details on Greater Kailash.

Also have a look at this hotel of my friend and I can assure you that is is the best hotel in south Delhi by budget.

2. Nehru Place

Nehru Place

Nehru Place

Nehru Place which is also known as the heaven of computer & laptops is the Asia’s biggest market of computer goods. Nehru Place is just next to Greater Kailash but it attracts corporate & business travellers from whole Asia. Nehru Place is full with hotels but I will suggest Eros Hotels as it is the best 5 star hotel in the city. Nehru Place is also very famous for its street food. Well it’s a proven fact that where ever a big market emerges in Delhi, that destination becomes a favourite place for street food vendors. So do try the street butter milk in this region and I am sure that you will love it.

Also read this blog post on places to see and visit in New Delhi.

3. Okhla

Okhla Bird Sanctuary

Okhla Bird Sanctuary

Well when a local says Okhla they will say it as Okhla Industrial area but when a traveler is asked about Okhla he/she will say about the okhla bird sanctuary. Very few locals and travellers know that there is an amazing bird century. Check site for more details on this sanctuary-

Also my friend, check out these hotels which are the best and cheap hotels in delhi for couples

4. Hauz Khas

Hauz Khas Hauz Khas is a popular destination Delhi for fashion designers and shopping lovers. Though Hauz Khas is a modern destination but not many know that Hauz Khas is a village on papers- Hauz Khas village. But the bungalows here won’t digest the above point. For travellers this is a place which reminds us about the Khilji Dynasty which ruled the Delhi for some 100 years. Modern world destinations to see in Hauz Khas are Siri Fort Sports Complex and Siri Fort Auditorium.

5. Lodhi Road



Yes a road. There is so much too in Lodhi road like the Lodhi garden and my personal favourite INDIA HABITAT CENTRE. This particular destination is a must see but for those who call themselves as the intellectual travellers. INDIA HABITAT CENTRE has some amazing libraries and a old school theater. So do visit INDIA HABITAT CENTRE. Check this link to know more –

Some amazing hotel receptions which I have seen in my travels

I love to travel so I love to stay in hotels. You see I am not a low budget backpacker, I have a marketing firm and this sweet travel blog. Today I want to share some amazing hotel recptions which forced me to say WHAT!!!

At number 1: Vythiri Resort, Kerala

Vythiri is a small rainforest town in Wayanad and they have this amazing resort name Vythiri Resort. The entrance of the resort is through ropeways and you will notice that that they have a strange reception. Have a look:

1. Vythiri Resort, Kerala reception

Vythiri Resort, Kerala reception

At number 2: GTC hotel and lounge, Greater Kailash

Ok this isn’t a luxury hotel but I never said that I plan to write only on Luxury resorts. GTC hotel and lounge is one of the best hotels in south delhi, India as the owner is a pal. He has 23 rooms, 1 nice open air restaurant, 2 conference hall facilities, 1 banquet or party hall and above all he has a golden reception. Also if you are checking their website than check out their contact us page where they have mention a chart on why they are the most affordable hotel in Greater Kailash and their banquet hall page.. Don’t believe me than have a look:

GTC Hotel & Lounge, Greater Kailash

GTC Hotel & Lounge, Greater Kailash

At number 3: The lady at the Taj, Mumbai

One thing I can’t easily forget about Mumbai is the greeting style of Taj Hotels, especially mumbai. When even I am there I will see a new ma’am greeting with a smiling face and doing some namaskar. Well there is noting wrong with that but play a small game over there. Ask her to do that again and you will understand my thought :). Have a look at this image.

Taj hotel, mumbai

Taj hotel, mumbai

At number 4: Hotel Enfrente Arte,Andalucía

This is Spain. I was in Spain in 2010 and some local pal booked this hotel for me. The service here is fabulous but the reception here is a bit mexico style.  Not able to get my point? Than check this image. And one more thing, I love Real Madrid football club:

Hotel Enfrente Arte, Spain

Hotel Enfrente Arte, Spain

At number 5: Fairy Chimney Inn, Goreme, Turkey

This is something which haven’t visited and plan to visit in 2014. Fairy Chimney Inn is in Goreme Turkey and it is one of the strangest hotels in the world.  The hotel is a Cave hotels and is caved out from a old mountain. If you are a fan of Brad Pitt than you might have seen this hotel in Movie Troy and seriously this hotel do reminds me of the Ancient Greek and Trojan. Check this image:

Fairy Chimney Inn, Goreme, Turkey

Fairy Chimney Inn, Goreme, Turkey

So I tried my best to show toy some hotels. Now its your duty to show some social love. Thanks for reading and enjoy…


Stay in a Tree house of Jaipur city – Resort Review

Jaipur the pink city of India, is the epitome of royalty blended with pink color. You can explore various monuments made by the rulers or the maharajas of ancient times. The famous tourist’s attractions of Jaipur include Jantar Mantar, Amer fort, city palace and many more such structures. The structures are consolidation of architecture of Indian, Mughals and the European.

Jaipur purely symbolizes the old ancient culture of India. The tourism of Jaipur is flourishing each day. Many hotels have come up in recent times. A new idea has been incorporated in the idea of hotels which is tree

house. It is a kind of a room on the branches of a tree. Staying in the lap of nature has its own fun and enjoyment. While on tour to Jaipur you can enjoy a pleasant stay here. While your stay in tree house of Jaipur you can enjoy the most luxurious accommodation on top of trees. Feel the most unique experience that is set in nature.

When on trip to Jaipur tree house resorts is the best option to stay. You can get an adventurous ride along with the trip. We all live in our houses that our build on ground. But living on a tree house has its own charm. And when you are on a trip to a place nothing can be better than staying in a tree house.

One of the famous tree house in Jaipur is the Lohagarh fort resort. It is becoming famous among travelers and they prefer to stay in this. It is one of the best tree house resorts in the city. It has luxurious and comfortable cottages having a separate pool, Swiss tents, playing area and a devoted team for best ayurvedic massage. The meals served here are very delicious which also includes continental dishes.  If you want to enjoy a luxurious stay with a natural setting then this resort is the best option.

Tree house jaipur

Tree house jaipur

Some of the exclusive facilities for tree house include

  • Separate swimming pool with a beautiful view of pool.
  • Special spa and massage facilities.
  • Free breakfast, lunch and dinner provision
  • A special tee/ coffee maker.
  • The room rates will include the housekeeping facilities.
  • All the modern day bathroom toiletries.

How would like the idea of when you get a natural relaxation facility while your stay in the resort? I know anybody would love the idea. The facilities at this resort also include the natural relaxation which is good for your health. The best services here backed by a friendly staff encourage the travelers to visit the resort again. The most peaceful stay away from the hassle and bustle of the city can be enjoyed here.

Thus when on a trip to the royal city Jaipur, it is recommended to stay in this resort. This will not only add extra charm to your trip but also increase the enjoyment to two fold. It will not be wrong to say that the Jaipur trip is incomplete without staying in this tree house resort. Staying in tree house is surely once in a lifetime experience. Continue reading

The 7 wonders of India

Dear readers. Have you ever visited India or planning to? Than you should check out this post of the 7 wonders of my Nation India.

Golden Temple in Amritsar Punjab

I belong to a Punjabi family. So even being a Hindu I am more attracted to Sikhism but still other religion are as lovable to me as Hinduism and Sikhism. As per me the Amritsar Golden temple in Amritsar is at number 1 in my list. Its one of the most purest form of Sikh temple where pilgrims from all religion can sit and eat together. The whole temple is made up of gold and billionaires feel heaven here if they get a chance to do manual labor like cleaning or cooking in the temple premises. I visited this place in 2004 and can never forget that amazing movement.

Amritsar Golden Temple

Amritsar Golden Temple

Best time to visit the temple is every day :). Prefer week days as weekends are completely packed and Guru Nanak birthday in winetr is the perfect time to visit as the temperature is a bit cold. Accommodation isn’t a problem in Amritsar as the city is full of budget hotels, 3 star & 4 star hotels. If you are looking for a luxury hotel that you have to lake a long drive from the temple as all 5 star hotels are at the outskirts of the city.

Amer fort in Jaipur Rajasthan

I love to visit Jaipur. Most of my clients are from Jaipur and all from Hospitality industry. The best way to travel in Jaipur is by road. So just pick your car from New Delhi and make a 5 hour journey, which will be converted into 3 hour as the government is connecting the complete Jaipur-Delhi highway with dozens of flyovers.

Jaipur has so much to offer. You can explore centuries old forts and palaces, some of the finest jewellery & gems and my favorite thing, accommodation in luxury hotels and resorts which were once royal palaces of Jaipur royalty. I have stayed in more than dozen luxury and heritage resorts but Jaipur, Kukas and kalwar (all neighbors) are some of the finest places to visit if you are a heritage lover like me.

From dozens of tourist attraction I am a huge fan of Amer fort in Jaipur. Amer fort is most busiest and popular destination which attracts more than 5000 people on daily basis. This number is higher on weekends. In Jaipur the royal palace of the king is City Palace which is in the center or in the Pink City part of Jaipur. Now to give soundproof protection to City Palace the emperors of the state built 2 massive forts. One is Jaigarh Fort and 2nd is Amer fort.

Both these forts have the capacity to hold 100.000 soldiers and today, in the age of democracy- G0- democracy– Amer is a popular movie shooting place too. I visited the fort in 2013 and I felt that I have visited the place. It was because many Bollywood movies have been filmed here.

Amer fort of Jaipur

Amer fort of Jaipur- Image credit- republic of chic